Apsalar Enables Migration of Complete Device and Event Data


“Trade-ups” are one of the biggest sources of new mobile app attribution and mobile app measurement clients for Apsalar.

What we mean by a trade-up is when a company gets started with mobile attribution using a very basic platform, but quickly realizes that they need richer measurement and analysis in order to truly take a data-driven approach to marketing their iOS, Android and Windows apps. These sophisticated marketers determine that they need something far better than a basic solution, so they choose Apsalar.

Better matters.

Our latest advance is the ability to migrate all device and event data, including time stamps, when you switch to Apsalar from other attribution provider. That is a big deal because:

  1. When a client migrates to Apsalar, we can import ALL existing users. This ensures no re-install tracking or double payment for users you acquired before your relationship with Apsalar.
  1. Further, the client can onboard all event history & LTV with backdated time stamps up to 2 yrs. That means you can have reporting continuity and can user Apsalar’s renowned Cohort and Traffic report measures immediately, with no down time.
  1. By onboarding historic attribution source data, we can continue to attribute events and lifetime value to the original referring partner.

These are significant capabilities that ensure that marketers immediately benefit from the more robust Apsalar solutions. It eliminates any concerns one might have about switching “costs” related to continuity of data.

Here are just a few of the other advantages that Apsalar offers very basic mobile app attribution products:

Universal Media Coverage

Compare partner performance, optimize allocations, and save money by deduplicating install payments.

  • Facebook MMP
  • Google Measurement Partner
  • Twitter Official Partner
  • 750+ Publisher and Partner Integrations

Complete App Tracking

Measure any event to analyze marketing effectiveness and user behavior.

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Installs
  • Launches
  • Searches
  • Events

Longer Data Retention

Don’t settle for 60-90 day data storage of your customer data when Apsalar retains your customer and marketing event information for two years.

  • Never pay for the same user twice
  • Measure LTV and customer lifecycle in UI versus relying on CSVs

In-Depth Cohort Analysis

  • Use predefined segments and time periods, or create custom cohorts.
  • View any report in the UI instead of relying on CSVs only
  • Comprehensive spend tracking including ROAS

Unlimited Parameters

True Retargeting Attribution

Apsalar measures performance in all reports and for all vendors.

Actionable Customer Audiences

Segment and deliver an audience of users to your choice of marketing partners.

  • Create user blocklists for UA
  • Combat cart abandons

Reliability and Support

Get enterprise-grade security and support from the Apsalar team

 99.9% Uptime and Dedicated implementation team

Available Real-Time Ad-Hoc Data

Find trends, correlations and causal relationships in marketing behavior data

  • Powered by Apache Spark

Better really does matter. We’d love to share more with you about Apsalar and Apsalar Attribution. Get in touch for more details.

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