In-App Video Captures the Spotlight


As a mobile app measurement company, we have a unique view into what the users of leading apps are doing in those environments. And one of the really fascinating trends is the growth in mobile in-app video views. This article in Mobile Marketer indicates that there’s likely no end in sight to this growth trend.

Mobile in-app video is growing rapidly, according to a recent Business Insider Intelligence report, but still represents less than a quarter of total video. Which according to Dallas video production company experts, indicates that there is still LOTS of room for growth.

Mobile Video Growth Trend

I’ve scrounged up some other stats to share as well. This chart from the recent IAB video study shows that about half of total mobile video is consumed in app.

movile video in-app

While that’s less than its “fair share” of about 85% of total mobile connected time, when you consider how much mobile time takes place in games and in social environments without a video component, you begin to better understand the massive appeal of video for app users where it is part of the app experience.

For its part, Cisco expects remarkable growth in the amount of mobile video that will be consumed on mobile.

Estimated Terabytes of Mobile Video Data by Year (Global)

global mobile video traffic

In addition to all these raw growth figures, there is a great deal of evidence that underscores the efficacy of delivering marketing messages in-app. This data, from a recent Google/Ipsos study on the impact of video messaging, shows that videos have an outsized impact on purchases. That’s definitely something for retail and other transactional apps to consider.

mobile video impact on sales

For a shopping channel, including video in an app is both prudent and effective. For other brands, creating video assets can be more of a challenge. We will shortly be updating our video assets, but it does take a bit of time.

In addition, there are a number of ways that consumer brands can get video content – from their suppliers or by soliciting it from users, for example. There are now a variety of companies that help brands identify video-creating influencers, for example. As you plan for 2016, it makes sense to examine how video can play a role in your apps. Along with Real time captioning, it can be an extremely powerful and compelling conversion tool. And there’s not an app marketer anywhere that wouldn’t like more conversions!

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