Apsalar Adds New Dashboard to Aid Strategic Understanding and Decision-Making



by Sanaz Motahari

At Apsalar, we pride ourselves on helping app marketers “go deep” to develop the richest possible insights on their app businesses. By offering features like unlimited event tracking and 5,000 characters of parameters for every event, we give marketers the flexibility to get granular. That’s really important.

But so too is helping strategic marketers get a “macro-level” understanding of their app businesses. To understand the performance and trends of their business across apps, at the highest levels. Which is why we have launched a new, high-level dashboard for our clients.

Let me take a few minutes to show you some of its features.


The Apsalar service will now “open” with this new dashboard view. It is designed to provide both a total business overview and key facts about your apps. Using the new dashboard, you can examine key facts like re-engagements, revenue and ARPU across all your applications – iOS and Android. On the right-hand side are charts and graphs designed to summarize activity ACROSS apps.


By enabling you to gain a quick snapshot of your business across apps, in addition to seeing key metrics for individual apps, you can easily develop a strong, high-level understanding of your key business trends.


Here you can see a close-up of the total installs across all apps.

Dashboard - installs module

The line charts are designed to give you a quick visual sense of business results, and offer full roll-over capabilities so you can dig into the specific numbers for a particular day. As is always the case with Apsalar products, you can use predefined time periods, or create custom periods that reflect the particular intricacies of your business.


More and more marketers are focusing particular attention on their DAUs, or daily active users.

Dashboard - sessions and dau module

Just as with installs, you can set time periods and use rollover capabilities to get specific information on a particular date.


As I mentioned above, the left side of the new dashboard contains snapshots of performance for individual apps.

Dashboard - app view

The summary has three sections – A look at retention, an area for examining DAU and ARPU, and charts that outline total, organic and paid installs.


We’re very proud of the new dashboard. Naturally, something like this couldn’t be developed in a vacuum. To create the new dashboard, we  initiated a core team of clients, product leads and developers, to build an offering that is valuable, manageable and easy to use. We are indebted to all members of that team, and particularly the client participants, who made this a successful project for us.  We’ll be continuing to add to, and refine the dashboard. Thanks again to the team that made it all possible!


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