Spend Tracking Now Available in Apsalar Reports



by Sanaz Motahari

As the leader of Apsalar’s product development process, I am delighted to announce that today we have added spend tracking to our Traffic Reports in Apsalar Attribution. This additional capability gives Apsalar’s customers a more complete view of campaign performance for their app marketing efforts.

Our new spend tracking capabilities enable you to understand the key metrics that you likely care most about. Spend Tracking will allow you as an Apsalar Attribution client to see:

  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Effective Cost per Click (eCPC)
  • Effective Cost per Install (eCPI) 
  • Effective Cost per Custom Metric (i.e. Registration, Sale, etc.)
  • Total Spend 

The launch includes Facebook spend data.

Creating spend tracking was truly a team effort. It was developed in close consultation with Apsalar’s leading clients in the US, Latin America, Asia and the EU. Our client partners told us they wanted the opportunity to have a more comprehensive view of their marketing efforts. This new capability makes spend information and associated metrics available in the Apsalar dashboard that they already rely on to evaluate the performance of their businesses.

Using spend tracking is easy:

Configure report: Choose the spend metrics that matter to you most

app spend tracking

Traffic report: View your spend metrics in the Traffic Report and compare the ROAS performance of your campaigns across a multitude of dimensions

app spend tracking 2

Our CEO, Michael Oiknine said it best:

“Spend tracking is an important addition to our services because it closes the loop for marketers on how they are driving ROI and enduring business value. We’re pleased to make it so much easier for app marketers to access and analyze such mission critical information.”

Spend tracking is now available for Apsalar clients worldwide.

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