Getting Serious about Mobile Marketing ROI – A New Tutorial Series


A while back, Nielsen held a mobile marketing webinar about how companies were measuring return on investment for their mobile campaigns. This wasn’t an app-focused mobile ROI study per se, but as apps comprised well over 80% of total mobile connected time, apps are certainly reflected in the data. The gist was that most brands and agencies really weren’t measuring mobile ROI. Actually they weren’t really measuring much when it came to mobile. The most stark finding was that a significant portion of marketers and agencies where simply measuring by…did we get a mobile campaign out there?

While marketers were demanding ROI from mobile, the perception was that true ROI measurement for mobile was a bit of a pipe dream.

Now, this was a Nielsen study, indicating that many of the brands represented in it were extremely large and not what you would call business that were dependent on mobile devices for revenue. But the study impressed me because it demonstrated the opportunity for companies like ours to help marketers better interpret their marketing results from the perspective of delivering real, measurable mobile ROI.

While measuring app ROI has many challenges, we are fortunate in that the primary tools for this measurement are SDK- versus third-party cookie-based, and can provide a richer and more complete view of the revenue generated in mobile commerce apps. But analyzing the data can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before.

So we have decided to launch a series of posts on how to use basic metrics to help you make better decisions as regards install and remarketing spend. In other words how to drive better mobile ROI from your marketing investment. While the examples we will be providing will include screen shots from our offering, think of these posts as a “Miracle on 34th Street” sort of thing in that you can apply the insights regardless of which mobile app attribution vendor you choose.

Though, certainly, we hope you choose or move to us. 😉

The mobile measurement and analysis series is called “More is More”, and we’ll be delivering our first tutorial, on how to leverage ARPU and ARPPU, today! We hope you find the posts valuable, and welcome ideas on what other topics we should cover.

<See the ARPU and ARPPU Post Here>


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