App Cross-Marketing Comes of Age Worldwide


Many app publishers have developed multiple mobile applications, and often the target audience for at least some those apps is the same or similar. We’ve seen a big increase in the number of companies exploring app cross-marketing when it appears that they can drive efficiencies.

We help clients drive better ROI from their iOS, Windows and Android apps by enabling them to quickly and easily identify audiences of users from one app, and then specifically target those anonymized individuals in the advertising and other marketing programs of a second app.

It is usually much cheaper to get a user of one of your apps to install and engage with another app than to attract a new-to-file individual to your business. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You already know that existing iPhone, Android, Windows or iPad app users are people who are willing to download and install an app of the type you offer.
  • You can leverage low- or no-cost app marketing vehicles to persuade that user. Push notifications, CRM emails, house ads, message center alerts and more provide great message impact at little or no cost. These are highly effective at sending users to the app stores.
  • New programmatic media tactics enable you to focus your spend on the device advertising IDs of thousands or even millions of completely anonymized individuals, thus improving program efficiency and eliminating waste. This makes it possible to execute cross-marketing at tremendous scale.

Our audience analytics and segmentation tools make it easy to identify individuals for cross-marketing. Here are some of the most popular ways that people “cut” the user base of one app to create high-performing apps for another:

  • For ad-supported apps like casual games, any ongoing user would be a potential target for cross-promotion. But identifying the heaviest/most frequent users would enable you to concentrate more of your marketing investments on people who, by dint of their frequent and prolonged play, are most likely to drive more ad revenue.
  • For “fremium” app experiences, our clients target the payers of one app to install another app. This is an important use case because the number of people who are willing to transact in an app is finite. Focusing your efforts on people who have demonstrated a willingness to buy in-app can be tremendously valuable.
  • For retail and transactional apps, many of our clients first cross-market to buyers in another app. Often, however, further segmentation may be warranted, depending on the content of the second app. Characteristics like gender, OS, device type, lifestyle and lifestage can be critical considerations for identifying the best prospects for cross-marketing.

With Apsalar, a mobile app publisher can use any tracked event – and other user characteristics – to define the ideal audience for cross-marketing. Here’s a small screen shot to show you how easy it is to define the criteria to create your ideal cross-promotion audiences.

Apsalar Remarketing Audiences

App cross-marketing provides another great example of how taking control of your data and actioning it can have tremendous impact on your ROI. And that’s a fantastic reason to make cross-marketing a part of your mobile app marketing plans. Take a few moments to think about your Android, Windows and iOS app portfolio and how you can drive additional scale and efficiency from these cross-marketing tactics!

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