You Call THAT an App Buying Funnel?!?


Our latest eguide/whitepaper is now available, and we think you’ll find it fascinating. It’s called You Call THAT a Buying Funnel?

It’s all about a study we did where we examined dozens of app conversion paths to identify the most common bottlenecks on barriers to conversion. We identified 4 “Problem Funnels” that are common around the world, and identify five strategies to help address them and…fix your funnel.

Need to drive more revenue and ROI from your mcommerce apps?You’re not alone. Almost every app marketer in the world is being pressured to drive more sales and engagement. But great growth IS possible, if you take the time to diagnose and fix your buying funnel.

We’ve developed a new study identifying the four most common buyer flow issues in app businesses, along with five strategies proven to drive 10, 20, even 30% growth. All by fixing the problems in your buying funnel.

-Learn the 4 archetypal app funnel types – the “problem funnels”
-See what holds back growth for each problem funnel
-Learn the 5 ways app businesses are repairing their problem funnels and rapidly building ROI

Your funnel can’t fix itself. Download this new eguide and get the facts and solutions you need to fix your funnel and grow your business.

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