Ad-X Tracking: Last Minute Replacement Option


If you are an AD-X tracking client for mobile app tracking, attribution and measurement, you are likely aware that Criteo has announced that they will be sun setting the service on September 15. Over the last two weeks, we’ve been contacted by a number of Ad-X clients who have waited until the 11th hour to make a switch. The reasons for this are easy for any of us with more tasks than hours in a day to complete them.

But like it or not, free time or not, if you are using Ad-X Tracking, you need to find and onboard a replacement solution in the next 29 days. It really is down close to the wire now. If you fail to do so, you’ll lose visibility into Android and iOS application data that is essential to optimizing your media spend and improving customer relationships.

Criteo has identified Apsalar as an official partner and a worthy replacement for Ad-X Tracking, and we wanted to tell you about a program we have to get Ad-X clients onboarded with Apsalar Attribution before AD-X is turned off. But let’s take a minute first to tell you why we’re the right replacement choice.

  1. Like AD-X, Apsalar Attribution is a high quality measurement and mobile app tracking offering. Apsalar is an official Facebook MMP, Twitter Official Partner, Google Official Measurement Partner, and Apple Measurement partner. In addition, we work with more than 600 mobile advertising media companies worldwide, which can make testing and implementing new media providers easier and faster.
  2. Many app developers recommend us to publisher clients because our comprehensive feature set eliminates the need to integrate most mobile ad networks’ and marketing solutions providers’ SDKs.
  3. Unlike many solutions in the industry, Apsalar was built with the needs of mcommerce businesses in mind. Our measurement and insights don’t stop at the install and aren’t limited to an arbitrary 30-day measurement window. We offer a more flexible and customizable platform with more built-in reporting capabilities than any provider.
  4. We offer a special feature called engagement indexing that helps you test and optimize mobile advertising for Android and iOS apps faster than other platforms.
  5. In addition, special implementation features like smart tags and deep linking will ensure that not only won’t you lose any capabilities when you switch from AD-X, you’ll actually get some very pleasant surprises.
  6. We are the company that perfected re-engagement and retargeting measurement. Retargeting is the fastest growing sector of app marketing and advertising.
  7. In addition, our pricing model is very different from our competitors, that nickel and dime clients by charging for every click event.
  8. If your company places strong importance on data control and security, you should know that many companies choose to work with us over other vendors because we offer true enterprise-grade security along with more controls that ensure your business doesn’t suffer data loss or leakage. We offer the highest standards of protection for both customer personal data and your marketing data.
  9. And the full story of Apsalar is also about an incredible track record of outstanding performance for mcommerce leaders. Indeed, many of the world’s largest mcommerce brands choose Apsalar for app tracking, app attribution, and app measurement. Here are just a few examples of the companies that entrust their mobile data to us, organized by region:
  • USA: 1-800-Flowers, 7-Eleven, Living Social, Seat Geek, Target, Viator
  • India:  Cleartrip, Coupon Dunia, Freecharge, Gaana, Myntra, Ola, Times of India, Tripit
  • Southeast Asia: Ensogo, GrabTaxi, Wego
  • Brazil: Esporte Interativo, Hotel Urbano, Movile, Netshoes, Unilever, Zoom
  • International: Souq, Le Monde, Flipboard, Bit Torrent

Quick Start AD-X Tracking Replacement Program

Earlier I mentioned a special program we have to help Ad-X Tracking clients make the switch before the deadline. We’ll will focus a special integration team on your Apsalar instance. We will assess your apps, get you onboarded, migrate your legacy Ad-X data, get your team trained, and help ensure you are up and running in just a week. In addition, you’ll have a dedicated, named account person who is expert on our platform and is available to answer your questions and provide valuable insights and ideas.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should wait until September 8 to get in touch with us. Measurement and tracking are far too important to leave to chance. Contact us today and we’ll get you onboard and enjoying Apsalar Attribution service ASAP.  Call 877-590-1854 or email us and we’ll get you set up and humming long before September 15 turnoff bell tolls for thee.

Whether your company offers retail apps, fitness apps, games, or any other kind of mobile application, Apsalar is committed to getting you up and running well before the Ad-X Tracking shutdown. We can eliminate the worry. And surprise you with how good app tracking, attribution and measurement can be.


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