The Changing Faces of Commerce and App Measurement


There are two interesting articles over at eMarketer today – each underscoring a different mega trend in the mobile and app spaces.



First, there’s a comparison between the size and growth of mcommerce in China versus the United States, with China showing a far larger share of total commerce occurring on phones than the US. Now, I don’t imagine that is going to surprise anyone. After all, the US has a far broader and more developed PC installed base, while China is primarily connected through mobile.

But the figures for China can also be viewed as a harbinger of what’s coming in the US, where, PC install base or no, the share of total internet time taken up by mobile devices is growing incredibly rapidly. As retailers think about their plans for the next couple of years, understanding how incredibly fast mobile’s share of commerce is likely to grow will likely be a key to future success.

The second article is app-focused, and provides data on the most common KPIs for apps. Not surprisingly, install counts remain the most common metric used. But what’s even more interesting here is that purchases, revenues, number of loads, and other metrics are rapidly taking their places beside installs as important measures of app health.


That megatrend shows us an app industry that is growing up fast – and becoming business-focused rather than just scale-focused.

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