DMPs and the Power to Speak to Individuals…as Individuals


We speak a lot on this blog about why DMPs are important. They give us the opportunity to understand consumers like we never could before. That’s fantastic, of course, but marketers need to balance long-term goals, like that sort of universal customer understanding, with immediate benefits that can help drive results and deliver on KPIs.

Fortunately, DMPs offer just as many immediate as long-term benefits. And one of the most exciting is the ability to speak to consumers as individuals; to help them get information and ideas they need and encourage them to make purchases that are perfectly suited to them.

At Apsalar, we talk about customer delight – finding unique moments of opportunity that make consumers welcome marketing messages because of their profound personal relevance, coupled with precise timing. It’s all about knowing the customer and reflecting that unique knowledge in how we speak to individuals today.

Individualized marketing is incredibly powerful, and with toolsets like mobile marketing automation platforms, it’s now possible at real scale. But messages can also be individually relevant AND delivered to more than one person simultaneously – by using audiences that have been carefully parsed based upon past behaviors and other customer characteristics. With a DMP, you can define audiences like that efficiently and easily.

One of the great new developments for app marketers is the ability to segment and target groups of customers by their device advertising IDs. Using rich customer knowledge made possible through mobile app measurement and attribution, app marketers can now define audiences and then deliver those IDs to marketing partners for individualized outreach at enterprise scale.

Creating and delivering such audiences to your choice of marketing platform is central to the core capabilities of Apsalar Mobile DMP. Imagine how you could transform your business by taking any or all of the following example actions:

  1. Identify the IDs of people who have abandoned shopping carts so you can deliver push messages to get them to complete transactions.
  2. Deliver incentives to users who haven’t loaded your app in X days. So they’ll come back and transact again.
  3. Pitch related items to an audience of IDs of people who have made a certain category purchase. Like hotel rooms for buyers of airline tickets.
  4. Proactive outreach to IDs of heavy users, to drive more purchase occasions. Or to deliver incentives to drive up AOV.

With a DMP and rich app data, those are just four of the myriad ways that you can sell more by speaking directly to individuals on their terms. If all this sounds intriguing to you, please get in touch with our team and we can tell you how it’s possible to put these kinds of strategies and tactics into practice. Today. Yesterday we announced one of the first ways you can do it. So get in touch now. So you can get immediate benefits while you drive your brand and company toward universal customer knowledge.

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