The Intriguing Possibilities of Mobile Marketing Automation


Mobile marketing and network automation is becoming increasingly popular around the world. For those that are a little less familiar, you probably know all about regular marketing automation. It uses technology to streamline, simplify and automate digital marketing tasks. Automation platforms can be used for audience-based communications, but many of their most interesting applications are in triggered personalized communications.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?
Mobile consumer interactions are particularly suited to marketing automation because people keep their phones with them all day, and brands can identify and leverage moments of opportunity as they occur.  As brand attention to mobile has increased, and as new mobile marketing methods like sms software as a service have been developed, more and more brands are deploying mobile marketing automation solutions. This is particularly true for app-based businesses.

Marketing Automation and Triggers
Marketing automation is often driven by individual customers taking specific actions that trigger some sort of targeted marketing event. Some examples include:

  • When a user puts items in a cart but abandons before buying
  • When an app user gets within a certain radius of a retail location
  • If someone hasn’t visited a site or app in a certain amount of time
  • When someone searches for a certain class of items on a site, like airline tickets

For instance, a person who abandons a full shopping cart might receive and email or push message reminder to return and finish their transaction.

Thus, marketing automation creates individualized marketing experiences at a scale that simply wasn’t possible before. Brands create business rules based upon triggers, and then are able to deliver personalized marketing experiences without significant human effort.

Example Touchpoints for Mobile Marketing Automation
Mobile technology now offers a vast array of potential communications paths to leverage with mobile marketing automation. Here are the most commonly leveraged:

  • Push notifications
  • Emails
  • SMS/texts
  • Message center communications
  • mWallet offers
  • In-app personalized experiences
  • Mobile site personalization
  • Landing page personalization

In each case a trigger event could lead an automation platform to deliver some message, offer or content via this communications vehicle.

Personal messages. On the most personal of connected devices. Nice, huh?

Mobile Marketing Automation Use Cases
Marketing automation is an incredibly versatile tool with which to drive customer actions, especially for e-commerce and m-commerce businesses. The following chart outlines a variety of consumer actions (or…inactions) and how marketing automation and the delivery of focused messages and offers could help turn these actions into business opportunities for a brand.

User/Customer Event How Automation Could Help
eStore browsing/no purchase Get customer to visit again/transact
Cart abandon Get customer to complete transaction
Enters within a store radius Drive a customer visit
User purchase Encourage more browsing/shopping
  Encourage another immediate purchase
  Get individual to trade up
  Get individual to buy related items
  Encourage a standing monthly order
Failure to visit app/site for N days Remind user 
  Offer promotion to return to the app or site
Download of information Trigger email “lead nurture” program
User fails to install app update Remind/incent to update app

How Apsalar and its Mobile-First DMP Improve Marketing Automation
The Apsalar DMP helps make data, profiles and audiences available to marketing automation tools more quickly and easily. By measuring in-app customer events and combining that data with mobile-web and other first party data sets, we create incredibly rich 360 profiles and can deliver real-time data on customer events. Most DMPs have little or no visibility into customer events inside apps. Apsalar, by contrast, enables you to measure any type of consumer event for rich insight and granular marketing automation programs. Our DataSync offering makes it possible to easily and securely share event data with leading mobile marketing automation and web-based automation products right from the Apsalar interface.

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