New “Digital Mastery” Mobile Marketing Content and Papers from Apsalar


At Apsalar, we want every marketer to drive the best possible results from their mobile marketing efforts, and believe that education is a critical part of making that happen. That’s why we’re debuting a new mobile education initiative on our revamped website.

We’ve developed a variety of educational content to get marketers up to speed more quickly and easily, so feel free to share the information and links with people on your team that may be interested. All of our content is free. We have 12 new documents for you and your team to download and explore. Below you will find them organized by topic.


You may know all about most or all of these things, but maybe there’s someone on your team who needs a quick tutorial. Our “Take 5” series is designed to help people master important topics in mobile and data in less than 5 minutes. Each paper covers a foundational topic in less than 600 words. Share them with people anxious to build their digital understanding.

Take 5 – What is a DMP? Get the facts on this important marketing topic.

Take 5 – What is a Mobile DMP? The data management tool people are talking more and more about. 

Take 5 – What is the Difference Between First- and Third-Party Cookies? Understand the difference and why both kinds of data matter.

Take 5 – Why Do They Say Cookies Don’t Work in Mobile? An explanation minus a lot of jargon.

Take 5 – What is Mobile App Retargeting? The fastest growing tactic in app marketing. 

Take 5 – What is Cross-Device or User-to-Device Matching? Understand the data legwork required for true cross-device marketing.


More in-depth resources with action plans and key learnings.

How to Choose a Data Management Platform – Outlines 10 questions you should ask potential DMP vendors about their offerings, so that you can make the best informed decision.

4 Ways to Improve DMPs and Customer Profiles – If you’ve already got a DMP and a data-driven approach to marketing, here are some important ways that you can improve results.

Is Half of Your Customer Data Missing? – Explains how mobile data should fit into your overall data strategy.

Getting it Together: A Primer on Uniting Mobile and PC Customer Data: From a feature story on iMediaConnection, an explanation on what it takes to unite PC and mobile customer data.


How to Choose an Attribution Platform for mCommerce Apps If your app(s) are a key part of the way you monetize, download this document to find out what to look for in an ideal measurement and analytics platform.


How to Simplify the Switch from Ad-X Mobile Measurement If you are currently use AD-X for app attribution, you know that the platform is sunsetting in September. Find out how to make the transition to a new platform easier.

We hope that you find this educational initiative useful and productive.

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