Apsalar Launches SmartTags to Simplify Cross-Platform Mobile Marketing



As a leader in Apsalar’s product development process, I am really proud to announce that we’ve introduced a new solution called SmartTags to simplify and improve the accuracy of delivering cross-platform marketing programs to iOS and Android devices.

What Are SmartTags

SmartTags ensure that consumers using different mobile operating systems are delivered to the right destinations for their devices. SmartTags help you land the user on the exact destination they are supposed to go to, regardless of their platform or app install state. So for example, a single tag can be used to direct an iPhone user who has installed an app to a deeplink for a specific item within the app, while an Android user that has not installed the app would be redirected to the Install page in Google Play.

SmartTags Diagram

What’s more, they reduce the number of your tracking tags (and the effort expended to create them) by fivefold, letting you cover iOS, Android and Web destinations all by creating one tag. SmartTags also let you customize the user landing page based on attribution details or custom parameters passed by the ad network – such as the product ID of the ad the user clicked on.

Why SmartTags Are So Important

In the past, most app marketing programs have been delivered with different tags based upon OS and install state. The system relied on your media partners to quickly determine the type of device the user had so that they could be redirected to an appropriate location. That was an OK system when the focus on app marketing was primarily on installs, but as we all know, app marketing now places great importance on driving actions after the install, through retargeting and other tactics.

Our clients told us that many times they were delivering marketing messages where different actions were desired based upon the OS and app install status of a consumer. The challenge there was that existing tracking tag solutions were platform-based, requiring networks to implement complex and at times inaccurate platform targeting rules for each tracking tag, resulting in incorrect destinations for users. They also made it very difficult to track platform-agnostic campaigns such as weekly emails, which require a single tag that handles platform-specific destinations automatically.

The old tagging method ultimately required the creation of far more tags, even when the goals of a program where common across operating systems. Now, one tag does it all.

What’s Under the Hood

Each SmartTag uses what we call a SmartTag Destination –a group of platform-based deeplink URLs and fallback URLs. You create new SmartTag Destinations from the Destination tab in the Attribution Tracking section.

A SmartTag is generated for each campaign you create under the SmartTags tab in the Attribution Tracking section. You simply send the common SmartTag to your marketing solutions provider partner, and Apsalar dynamically lands each customer on the perfect destination.

Apsalar/Client Development Partnership

I think my favorite part about working on SmartTags was that they were developed in partnership with our clients – addressing a real pain point that was making marketing more difficult. We are fortunate to have so many clients interested in closely collaborating on important new initiatives.

Apsalar SmartTags are available now to customers in the Apsalar UI. Documentation and instructions for SmartTags are available here. Existing regular tags in use by clients and partners will continue to function normally.

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