Apsalar Debuts SmartTags in its Apsalar Attribution Offering


Apsalar Debuts SmartTags in its Apsalar Attribution Offering

Important new feature dramatically simplifies the process of creating multi-destination tags for device- and OS-agnostic app marketing campaigns.

San Francisco, CA (June 23, 2015) Apsalar, a leader in mobile data management for mcommerce companies worldwide, today announced the debut of SmartTags in its Apsalar Attribution product. Apsalar SmartTags dramatically simplify the process of developing and delivering device- and OS-agnostic app marketing campaigns.

Apsalar SmartTags ensure that consumers using different mobile operating systems are delivered to the right destinations for a marketing campaign. When a customer clicks a link in a campaign, SmartTags automatically land the user on the exact destination they are supposed to go to, regardless of their platform or app install state. For example, those with the app already installed can be redirected to a deep link, while those who have not yet installed the app can be redirected to the app download page in the relevant app store.

Apsalar SmartTags also enable the advertiser to customize the user landing page based on attribution details or custom parameters passed by the ad network – such as the product ID in the ad the user clicked on.

Apsalar developed SmartTags to meet client needs for a simpler tagging process. Old tagging methods ultimately required the creation of far more tags, even when the goals of a program where common across operating systems. With SmartTags, advertisers can deliver device and OS-agnostic campaigns with five times fewer tags, letting them cover iOS, Android and Web destinations with a single tag.

“SmartTags are an important advancement for Apsalar Attribution,” said Michael Oiknine, Cofounder and CEO of Apsalar. “They are a major step forward in our effort to strengthen our lead as the best attribution and data management solutions provider for mcommerce apps.”

SmartApps are available to all Apsalar clients. All existing standard links will continue to function as before.

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