Announcing Major Changes to the Apsalar Attribution Partner Portal


by Michelle Case, Partner Development Manager


We are pleased to announce major improvements in our Apsalar Attribution partner portal. These enhancements are designed to help media companies drive better results for clients more quickly and efficiently.

The partner portal area of the Apsalar Attribution service is used by media vendors to track and manage campaigns on behalf of brands and app publishers. The enhanced feature set dramatically expands the available information and reports available to media companies, giving them access to virtually all of the same data views and analyses that their clients can get from the Apsalar platform.

The following is a summary of some of the most important features and enhancements that are part of this important update.

  • Shared Data Views: Media companies now have the ability to view reporting using the same dimensions as app publisher clients. They can configure reports by session start, click receipt, geography, creative and more. Shared views should reduce inquiries about discrepancies and improve the ability to optimize programs for better campaign results.
  • Device Resets: Publishers no longer have to wait for Apsalar Support to reset device IDs so that they can conduct campaign testing more quickly and easily. We have enabled partners to reset a device so that they can conduct campaign testing more quickly and easily. Resets are strictly limited to 10 per day, to protect advertisers against the potential for install fraud.
  • Time Zone Support: Reporting in the partner portal matches the advertiser’s local time zone, thus further reducing questions regarding discrepancies.
  • Campaigns Tags in Dashboard: Publishers no longer have to wait for customers to send campaign tags manually. Instead, new and existing campaign tags will be available right in the dashboard.
  • Postback and Attribution Log Data Access: Publishers no longer need to request manual data pulls from clients in order to access postback and attribution data. This speeds access to information and dramatically simplifies campaign management.

Apsalar is offering partner portal training sessions and Q&A to support this launch. Partners can tune in on Tuesday June 9th at 1:30pm PT or Wednesday June 24th at 10:00am PT. Each session will be 30 minutes. To join publishers should:

Additional enhancements will be announced in the weeks and months ahead.

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