Useful Objects, Shiny Objects and the Essential Data Gap


mind the gap

There’s an interesting piece from yesterday on MediaPost’s Agency Daily that got us thinking about trends in the industry and how they’ve impacted brands and agencies. The piece discusses the results of an eConsultancy survey that asked clients what they wanted and needed from their agencies. One interesting result: “expertise in emerging trends — tech and otherwise — is now the number one skill clients most value in their agency partners, up from a distant third in 2014.”

As longtime agency industry observers, we are always interested in how the brand relationship with agencies is evolving, particularly in light of the explosion in ways that brands can get in front of their customers. Digital has always been a lot more complicated than traditional media, and with the expansion in the number of sources and potential uses of customer data, it’s natural that clients hope that their agencies – as media experts – can help them identify what’s most important in the changing landscape and where the big brand opportunities are.

Separating the useful objects from those that merely sparkle on the plate can be a challenge, but a comprehensive set of customer behavioral data can help a great deal because it enables identification of new trends that may favorably affect a brand’s opportunity to connect. And because mobile time now represents the majority of connected consumer time, many of these trends and insights will only be noticeable if you have accurate and comprehensive information on what your consumers are doing in apps and on the mobile web.  Right?

Well here’s the thing. Chances are, you don’t “have accurate and comprehensive information on what your consumers are doing in apps and on the mobile web.” Very few brands or agencies do. Even if you have a DMP, you probably don’t, because DMPs are generally focused on cookie-based data. The question really is…what are you going to do to address the information gap for your company? Or your client? You can mind the gap, or you can fill it.

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