Smartphones Now Number Three Most Owned Tech Devices in the US


Smartphones #3 Most Owned Devices in the US

Smartphones have zipped by laptops and are now the third most owned tech devices in the US, according to the 17th Annual Household CE Ownership and Market Potential Study from the Consumer Electronics Association. The study reports that smartphones are now owned by 72% of households in the US, behind only TVs (at 97%) and DVD/Blu-Ray players (at 78%.) Laptops come in at 67%.

And that’s not all the mobile device news. From their press release:

“Tablets, now owned by more than half of American households, saw the largest increase in ownership growth over last year, jumping nine percentage points to reach 54 percent ownership, and for the first time joining the list of top 10 most owned tech products.”

With laptops now 5 points behind smartphones in penetration in the US, doesn’t it make sense to think mobile first when it comes to data management and customer profiles?

Lots of companies are spending a great deal of time researching and thinking about the internet of things and how it will affect their customer relationships in the future. While forward thinking is always wise when it comes to digital, so too is present thinking. Collecting, managing and actioning mobile customer data is an issue very few brands have addressed in comprehensive ways. Even those with DMPs that claim to capture and leverage mobile data usually find upon closer inspection that their platforms address mobile web data only, not app data. With more than half of connected consumer time now taking place in apps, finding a way to capture and action mobile app data is clearly something that customer-focused marketing teams need to be thinking about.

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