Choosing the Right DMP – Part Three of Three


Yesterday’s post focused on analyzing and actioning data and audiences. Today we’ll discuss the need for available analytics and account service, and finish with some conclusions.


  1. Does the platform offer custom analytics services to support my internal marketing and analytics teams?

It’s probably no secret to you or your organization that experienced big data analysts and statisticians are in short supply these days. As more and more companies have embraced the importance of data-driven marketing, the demand for data experts has increased far more quickly than the supply. It is very valuable to have a data management partner with experienced staff to help make up for any resource shortfalls you may have as an organization.

  1. Does the provider offer enterprise-grade service and support during both implementation and on an ongoing basis?

Your DMP should empower you and your team, and having smart and knowledgeable platform experts The videos from the current site are probably built with the old theme, which made them go away when I activated the new theme. available to assist you is important. You’ll need a strong implementation team, excellent training resources, thorough documentation, and ongoing enterprise-grade account management support to get the most from your platform. Ask for specifics here, so there are no surprises after you sign the contract.


Choosing a DMP is a decision of profound importance – one that requires that we take a methodical and informed approach. We hope that is short list of questions helps make your process simpler and more effective.

As with many things in life, the key to taking the right action is not in having the answers so much as it is in asking the right questions. While it makes sense for you to have tech experts involved in your decision-making, thoughtful queries from strategic marketing generalists can also play a valuable role in driving the best choice.

Thanks for reading.

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