As Retailers Embrace Programmatic, Harnessing ALL First Party Data Grows Even More Important



An interesting article on eMarketer today outlines how retailers are increasing their investments in programmatic media as a means of connecting with individuals with consistent messaging across channels. The data come from a study by WBR Digital and MediaMath, and reveal among many other things that more than two thirds of retailers who had tried programmatic would increase their programmatic spend this year.

Success in programmatic is all about precise and accurate targeting. It follows that more and more relevant data improve precision and accuracy. Which is why we believe it is so important to unite ALL your data from across channels and devices into rich profiles. And further, that analytics are best conducted with a complete cross-channel data set as well. The post goes on to outline how rare it is that companies have a unified analytics view. From the article:

However, while retailers using programmatic were seeing its value in everything from brand awareness to ROI, multichannel campaign analytics had some way to go. Just 8% managed such metrics on a single platform and had great visibility into performance.

Further, the article’s conclusion makes the situation even clearer:

While programmatic marketing is useful for retailers throughout the purchase funnel, those that lack a single analytics strategy will struggle to tie together customer data from various channels, limiting their ability to act on insights from multichannel programmatic efforts.

More arguments in support of the idea that united data and analytics are fast becoming table stakes in consumer marketing. If you’d like more information on the challenges and Apsalar’s approach to solving them, download our free whitepaper.


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