Who’s Using App Data to Power All of Their Marketing?


Missing Mobile Data

Most of us know that time in apps now represents more than 50% of US connected time, and the figures for countries like India, Brazil and Japan are much higher. Given the high levels of marketer interest in powering marketing and customer experience with a 360 view of the customer, you’d think that many companies would be including app data in their DMPs and models.

The latest data from eMarketer show that while a small number are, most aren’t. According to the study, which was fielded by Econsultancy, just 9% view their app data collection capabilities as strong, while 68% say their capabilities are weak or nonexistent. In fact, the study showed that only small number of marketers rated ANY of their data collection capabilities as strong. From the eMarketer article:

In addition, Econsultancy’s polling demonstrates another angle from which data-related efforts could improve. When client-side marketers worldwide were asked to rate their capabilities in various data-related areas as “strong,” “average” or “weak,” no activity rated a “strong” from more than 18% of respondents. And the strongest areas both involved collecting data from online sources. When it came to integrating, modeling or otherwise using data, respondents were even more likely to say they were merely average—or worse.

There’s lots more interesting info in the piece. Find it here.

The landscape of mobile app attribution and measurement is changing rapidly as more mcommerce players enter the field. Once the near-exclusive province of gaming companies, mobile apps and event measurement have become mission-critical for businesses like retailers, etailers, travel, personal finance and on-demand services providers. Apsalar has been at the forefront of mcommerce data management and attribution since the space emerged. Every day our clients demonstrate that mobile app data can be an incredibly powerful ROI driver. Find out how to collect and measure your mobile app customer activity and put it to work powering 360 customer profiles and optimized marketing efforts.  To learn more about our offerings, visit this page or contact us now.

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