Welcome Raj Kandasamy & Jim Nichols


We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Raj Kandasamy as VP of Engineering and Jim Nichols as VP of Marketing. In their new roles, Kandasamy will be responsible for all aspects of engineering and the company’s development team, while Nichols will be responsible for all aspects of brand development and marketing for us.

Since exiting the media business in January 2014, Apsalar has made tremendous progress as a marketing technology company and has seen great success in the marketplace helping companies measure their mobile marketing effectiveness. As Apsalar continues its growth streak, it’s time for us to accelerate that growth by bringing to our management team these two highly experienced individuals.

About Raj


Raj Kandasamy brings outstanding experience in big data engineering, real-time insights and marketing technology development to our company. Raj focuses on building technology solutions that meet today’s business targets, while also anticipating challenges of SaaS platforms.

Most recently, he was VP of Engineering and Data for OpenX, a leading digital, and mobile advertising technology company. Before OpenX, he was Director of Engineering for the Aggregate Knowledge media intelligence and data management platform, now part of Neustar. At Aggregate Knowledge, he took their big data analytics platform to serving billions of requests a month, all while keeping uptime intact. He began his successful career with Intuit and Netscape. Raj holds a BS in Computer Science from the Thiagarajar College of Engineering.

About Jim


Jim Nichols brings more than 20 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience to Apsalar. His career spans advertising, CPG and software brand management, and marketing leadership for many digital media, adtech and martech businesses.

Most recently he was VP of Marketing for Conversant, where he led the rebrand of that company from ValueClick, Inc. and its six associated businesses to a single brand and company focused on personalized marketing. The success of that rebrand contributed to the $2.3B sale of Conversant to Alliance Data (NYSE: ADS) in December, 2014. Before Conversant he led the strategy practice for Catalyst:SF, where he developed positionings and go-to-market plans for more than 40 adtech, digital media and social start-ups and established players. He began his career in brand management and agency roles for leading global holding company agencies and manufacturers.

Jim holds a BA in US History from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Learn more about the Apsalar management team here.

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