Mobile and Mobile App Research from Criteo and Millennial


Mobile App Research

We want to direct your attention to a couple of extensive pieces of research and analysis that you may find interesting.


Millennial Media: State of the Apps 2015 Snapshot

The data from this study are from a Q4 2014 survey of app developers and publishers. Millennial states that their findings revolve around four core ideas or conclusions. Specifically, publishers and developers are:

  • Taking their apps to more than one platform with increasing frequency
  • Making their growing ad inventory available programmatically
  • Focusing attention on improving the discoverability and marketing of apps
  • Spending more time developing tablet-specific apps

In addition to these observations, you can get good data about the state of the developer and publisher communities. Check it out here.


Criteo: State of Mobile Commerce – Q1 2015
Criteo has examined transaction data covering approximately $160 billion of annual sales across 3,000 online retailers and travel advertisers to uncover the latest trends in mobile shopping in the US and globally. This presentation provides some fascinating conclusions including:

  • US Mobile transactions grew 10% in the last 3 months and will represent a third of total ecommerce by the end of 2015
  • In most countries smartphones now represent more mobile transactions than tablets
  •  Japan and South Korea now see over 50% of their eCommerce transactions via mobile
  • Consumers in the US view the same number of products on smartphones and desktop

Great data for those interested in demonstrating the fast growth of mcommerce to their teams/orgs. Dig into this presentation here.

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