It’s YOUR Mobile Data! Take Control and Put it to Work ~ Part 2



We’ve discussed the issues. These are challenges facing many companies active in the mobile space but whom have not yet taken control of their mobile data, specifically their mobile app data. Now let’s take a few moments to discuss Apsalar’s approach to the challenge.

Apsalar Mobile DMP is a flexible set of data management offerings enabling direct marketer brands to enrich their customer profiles and audience targeting with insights from user behavior in mobile apps and across other marketing channels. Richer profiles and insights in turn contribute to increased ROI.

The Apsalar Mobile DMP has been productized into three interlocking solution sets, making it easier for clients to begin the process of understanding all of their customer behaviors while shaping the integration to fill their most pressing needs.

  • Apsalar Attribution: Purpose built for the tracking and measurement needs of mcommerce, Apsalar Attribution measures customer behavior and mobile marketing performance in apps and on the mobile web.
  • Apsalar Audiences: Apsalar Audiences unites your mobile and cross-channel data and makes it actionable by managing customer profiles, enriching them with third party data and creating high performing audiences for future marketing programs.
  • Apsalar DataSync: Apsalar DataSync streamlines the process of safely sharing customer insights and audiences with a brand’s marketing partners and platforms. Clients define business rules for data sharing right from the Apsalar platform. The company has a large and growing number of pre-existing integrations with marketing analytics, app monitoring, marketing automation, tag management and PC web DMPs.

Apsalar Mobile DMP was designed to be flexible – to be deployed in multiple ways so it can supplement any of the highly variant data infrastructures present at different companies. Clients can deploy all three elements at once, or engage sequentially based upon their needs and legacy data infrastructures. In addition, clients can choose to use the Apsalar platform to analyze their data and create audiences, or receive a feed of customer data or profiles that can be analyzed and interpreted in the platform of their choice.


If you’ve already made a commitment to data-driven customer marketing, you know how important it is to understand what people are doing in digital channels. Website browsing, PC third party cookie data and CRM interactions, for example, reveal important insights into what a consumer is likely to want and do next. But without access to in-app customer data, you’re really missing out on so many of the signals that should be powering your marketing.


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