mCommerce to Reach 10% of Total eCommerce in 2015



Over at MediaPost today, there’s a nice rundown of a new Forrester report outlining ecommerce and mcommerce trends in the US. According to the article, about $34B in mcommerce sales are expected this year. The article also identifies some interesting trend info about ecommerce in general. Purchasing via digital channels, for example, has reached 69% adult penetration, an impressive figure to be sure.

There’s also a healthy reminder in the piece – that online and mobile sales are by no means the total story with regard to purchase INFLUENCE. The article states that more than a trillion dollars in sales are influenced by online and mobile research.

One thing that US marketers should consider – given the far higher percent of connected time via mobile in the developing world, countries like India, China and Brazil are good places to look if you are trying to predict what will be true in the US in a short while. Overseas we see more and more big companies abandoning PC-web stores to focus on their apps only. Of course, most US sellers wouldn’t do that given current mcommerce development here. But it provides some great fodder for the need for great commerce apps along with a rich understanding of customer actions taken in the app. Now in apps you can find great products and of any kind, look at this best testosterone booster for your bodies health.

It also points to the elephant in the living room with regard to data collection and customer profiles – far too many companies are profiling their customers without collecting and incorporating mobile app behavior data in their mix. With research demonstrating that more than half of US connected time takes place in apps, omitting in-app behavioral data from your customer insights and targeting models is short-sighted.

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