Facebook Launches Analytics Tool


The news is everywhere. Facebook is introducing its own mobile app measurement solution. So what is the significance of this announcement for mobile marketers? We think there are four key points:

Mobile app attribution/measurement really matters to marketers in 2015

When Facebook acts, people take notice. Facebook doesn’t pursue things that aren’t important. This announcement should give every marketer more proof that the category has ARRIVED in a big way. Mobile app advertising is a big business – BI Intelligence says that it will account for more than $3.5B in spend in 2015.

Apsalar Install Ad Revenue BI Intelligence

For Apsalar clients, nothing changes

Apsalar has been a close partner with Facebook globally for years. That isn’t changing. We will still provide robust tracking, measurement and analytics for activities that take place on Facebook and the Facebook Audience Network. Facebook’s solution offers marketers another choice to evaluate. Facebook wants its clients to have the right solution for their specific needs.

It’s important to analyze the news in context

Our industry has seen a host of major announcements over the years. From Facebook dropping HasOffers/Tune and Kontagent as partners, to Criteo’s recent decision to sunset Ad-X, we’ve found amazing opportunities in market changes. Consider this: Google added app download measurement to its Google Analytics toolset several months ago. Yet since that launch, our growth rates and market share have INCREASED significantly, not decreased. How come? Initiatives from industry leaders drive awareness and convince people of the need. From there, our job is to demonstrate our value to clients whose needs match our capabilities. The strong not only survive, they flourish.

The category is stratifying as marketers seek vertical-specific solutions.

More and more marketers tell us that they want solutions focused on the specific needs of their business vertical (e.g., gaming, travel, ecommerce, etc.) For example, at Apsalar, our focus is on serving ecommerce, retail, travel personal finance and other companies with complex monetization models. For our verticals, download is just the first step in an ongoing consumer relationship. Our offering is purpose-built to measure pre- and post-conversion events including remarketing efforts. We expect more vendors to begin to vertically specialize in the months ahead.


For marketers that haven’t been thinking about mobile app measurement, Facebook’s announcement should be a wake-up call. Nielsen and comScore have shown that consumers now spend a majority – A MAJORITY – of their connected time in apps. If you aren’t measuring consumer activity in apps, you’ve got quite a consumer blind spot! The future of marketing belongs to those with the richest possible customer understanding. Now is the time to act.

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