eMarketer’s Mobile Roundup Now Available


Mobile Roundup[

Periodically the eMarketer team publishes a “roundup” document summarizing a great deal of research on a particular topic, and this US mobile roundup is a great example.

Inside this great publication, which is presented by HP, you’ll find tons and tons of data relating to mobile usage, favored content types, app statistics, and more. Two of the most eye-popping stats are that by 2019 mobile ad spending will constitute 78% of total digital spend, and that in-app ad spending will run 160% higher than mobile web ad spend in 2015.

Another interesting section relates to the number of app buyers versus installers on both tablet and smartphone.

app buyer installers

The data show a greater willingness to BUY apps among tablet users.

Docs like this are a great way to evangelize for mobile within your organization. Get this report free by clicking here (reg required.)



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