Introducing the Traffic Report


In conjunction with our new Re-engagement Tracking feature, Apsalar is rolling out a new way to monitor, filter, and visualize your applications data, the Traffic Report.

The Traffic Report not only allows you to monitor attributions from both acquisition and retargeting campaigns, but also your organic traffic. In an easy to configure, single report, you can compare how referred and organic users are spending in your application, monitor the success of different campaign sources, and filter by an abundance of new options.

Report on Acquisition and Retargeting Campaigns

Apsalar continues to remain on the forefont of measurement technology and is now the first end-to-end solution in the industry for Re-engagement Tracking. To support this new attribution model of acquisition versus re-targeting attributions, we designed the Traffic Report to easily report on both. Side by side, you can monitor how your Ad Network Partners are performing on both acquisition and re-targeting campaigns with confidence that Apsalar is ensuring each user is properly attributed to the right campaign.


Compare Organic vs. Attributed

With a quick click, you can now include organic traffic in all of your comparisons. By selecting All Traffic, you can see data from your campaigns and compare their performance with your organic users.


Organize by Publisher

We’ve listened to feedback from Apsalar users and have added an additional dimension to the Traffic Report, Publisher. Using the Publisher dimension, you can organize your report by the source application or site from which your clicks and attributions originated. You can easily and quickly identify how Publishers are performing and ensure your Network Partners are focusing on the right sources.


More Dimensions

Another request we’ve taking very seriously is the desire for more reporting dimensions surrounding traffic data. We worked with a group of Apsalar users to help identify the most valuable dimensions and the Traffic Report reflects this collaboration. In addition to campaign options, we’ve added Country and Geographic Region. We hope to continue adding more dimensions to the Traffic Report as we continue developing towards user requested features.


Enhanced Filtering Options

The Traffic Report includes more custom filtering options to ensure you can build the report you really need. We’ve included the standard date and application filters, but are introducing two new options, Traffic Type and Custom Include/Exclude. With the Traffic Type filter, you can choose to include all traffic which will encompass organic users or include only referral traffic. The Custom Include/Exclude filter allows you to make fine tuned adjustments to your report. Using this filter, you can restrict your report to a specific region or campaign, allowing the creation of a truly custom report.


Report Unique to Each User

As Apsalar allows the configuration of multiple users for each account, we configured the Traffic Report to be unique for every user. Each user will be able to log-in and configure their report independently of all other user’s on the Company account. Those configuration changes will persist for future log-ins, ensuring each time you log into your Apsalar account, you can access the data you need automatically.

To begin using the Traffic Report, simply log-in to your Apsalar account and select the Traffic Report under Analytics. For more details about the Traffic Report, please see our Traffic Report documenation. The Apsalar Product Support Team is always available to help with any additional questions you may have.

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