Introducing Re-engagement Tracking


We are excited to announce the addition of Re-engagement Tracking to Apsalar’s platform! While acquisition campaigns will always be an essential part of any marketing plan, the mobile advertising industry is beginning to see a shift towards retargeting as advertisers start focusing on the value of their existing users. As high-value users begin to churn, it becomes important to re-engage your valuable user base and continue to drive your marketing objectives. Ad networks are recognizing this trend with their new offerings of retargeting campaigns with competitive pricing and Apsalar is at the forefront of measurement with our new Re-engagement Tracking feature. With Apsalar’s Re-engagement Tracking, you will now be able to track and measure the effectiveness of your retargeting campaigns from your Apsalar account.

Insight into ROI for Re-engagement Campaigns

Apsalar’s robust Re-engagement Tracking feature is the first end-to-end solution in the industry, giving you full control to enable tags for retargeting, create re-engagement postbacks for ad networks and third parties, and measure downstream effectiveness of retargeting campaigns along with your acquisition campaigns. Any Apsalar Attribution Tracking Tag can now be modified to track re-engagements with a simple click of a button. After making this change, you can simply distribute your tags as normal with each network. To keep Networks in the loop about the success of their efforts, you can configure postbacks specifically for re-engagement events or add a parameter to an existing postback to show the user was re-engaged using Apsalar’s new re-engagement macro. Not only can you track how successful your Re-engagement Tracking campaigns are in bringing your users back to your application, you can also see how your returned users are performing down stream. Using your new or existing Apsalar events in your application, you can track how these re-engaged users are performing on your high value events, such as IAPs, and truly determine which campaign is returning your most valuable users.

Clarity Between Acquisition and Re-Targeting Campaigns

With Re-engagement Tracking, Apsalar makes it easy to understand which users and events can be attributed to retargeting campaigns versus acquisition campaigns. Previously, a user would continue to be attributed to an acquisition campaign, but the introduction of retargeting has made that old model obsolete. Apsalar’s new model allows the attributed source for a user to change as they are re-engaged in your application, being sure that future events are also attributed to this new retargeting campaign. Here’s a quick diagram that illustrates the life cycle of a user acquired via an acquisition campaign and re-engaged by a retargeting campaign: Re-engagement_Attribution_Model

To better provide this segregated data from your acquisition and retargeting campaigns, Apsalar has created the Traffic report which provide an overview and allow filtering of both your organic and referral traffic. Please read our announcement regarding the Traffic Report or read our Traffic Report documenation to learn more.

Get Started Tracking Re-Engagement

To begin tracking re-engagement campaigns, please follow the easy steps outlined in our Re-engagement Guide. Apsalar’s Product Support Team is always available to help with any additional questions you may have.

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