Introducing Postback Management Tool


Apsalar is happy to announce our latest feature, a self-service tool for creating and managing postbacks. With our new postback management tool, you can now send notifications to any recipient when a user completes an install, revenue event, or any other custom event you track with Apsalar. We know how important on the fly changes are for users and Ad Networks; using this tool you can update your postbacks at any time and the changes will take effect immediately.

How can you utilize postbacks to improve your ROI?

Ad Network Optimization

Custom Event Postbacks are a great way to help Ad Networks provide the best users. By configuring postbacks for post-install events using our postback tool, you can provide Ad Networks with the data they need to target valuable users. While many customers use revenue-based events for Ad Network Optimization, you may find that there are other high value events in your application, such as registering for a new account or signing up for a newsletter.

Using the data provided by these post-install event postbacks, Networks can then optimize their strategy to focus on sources providing users more likely to complete your high-value events.

Supporting your Business Intelligence Tools

The postback tool will allow you to generate postbacks on the fly that send valuable data to your own Business Intelligence Tools. For example, you can utilize postbacks to update your internal dashboard to display your daily revenue in real-time. Or let your engineers see in real-time how users are engaging with your app through custom event postbacks to help influence your development process.

Setting Up Postbacks

Configuring postbacks is simple; in most cases, you’ll just need to specify 4 settings:

  1. Your Recipient – You can select any of our Integrated Ad Network partners to receive your postback or enter your own custom source
  2. Your Application – Pick an application for which you’d like to send postbacks.
  3. Event Type – Select one of the four options: Installs, Revenue Events, a Custom Event, or Engagement Events
  4. All or Attributed – You can choose to send postbacks for all occurrence of your selected event, or just those attributed to a single source, such as an Ad Network.

For a more detailed description of configuring postbacks, please see our support article.

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