Announcing Our Updated Analytics Dashboard


You spoke, and we listened to the feedback! We’ve just launched Apsalar’s updated and improved dashboard to help you gain a better picture of the health of your mobile business, while better informing your key business decisions.

We spoke with dozens of mobile app marketers and developers to gather feedback on our analytics product, and our new dashboard represents several major upgrades with the following new features and benefits:

  1. Additional Insights Into Revenue – It’s no longer enough for developers and marketers to look at app metrics without taking revenue into account. With the new dashboard displaying the user acquisition and transaction reports, you can more easily view where your users come from and what they’re purchasing.
  2. Compare Key Business Metrics More Easily – As marketers and developers, we rely on data to understand the state of our business. Now we’re offering a simple way to compare your key metrics week over week.  Is revenue going up or down? Are people spending more or less time in your app? You can now get answers to key business questions, easily.
  3. View Data By Application – Data is only as valuable as it is digestible. That’s why we’ve responded with one of our most requested features, the ability to view data by a single application at a time.
  4. Invalid Transaction Metrics – We’re continuing to improve the most sophisticated in-app revenue tracking in the mobile industry by exposing the percentage of invalid transactions on the dashboard.
  5. Simple Setup & Demo – Not showing data in the dashboard because you don’t have the SDK installed yet? Now you can see all the juicy insights you’re missing out on, right there on the dashboard.
App Analytics Dashboard


Log in today to check out the brand new dashboard or signup to get access here!

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