Apsalar’s Demand-Side Platform Available and Out of Beta


Targeted Mobile Advertising Uses 1st Party Data on Over 700 Million Mobile Users

Apsalar, a leading mobile advertising and analytics company, today announced the official public launch of their Demand-Side Platform (DSP), which is now widely available and out of private beta.

Marketers and agencies looking to run high-ROI mobile ads for their apps can use Apsalar’s data-powered advertising platform to acquire and retarget high value users across over 70 networks and real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges via mobile apps and mobile web, using one centralized platform. As part of its focus on delivering only high quality mobile users, Apsalar uses 1st party behavioral data on over 700 Million mobile users to help marketers more effectively reach profitable and engaged users with both audience targeting of specific personas and through lookalike targeting of prospective users that share similar behavioral qualities as the marketer’s best users.

During the initial beta, Apsalar achieved successful results with initial customers, including leading mobile game company, TinyCo. In a recent campaign, a record 90% of users delivered by Apsalar met TinyCo’s conversion metric for engagement (tutorial completion), which far outpaces the industry average.

“Apsalar has proven to be one of the top mobile ad platforms with whom we’ve worked when it comes to targeting highly engaged users. In a recent campaign we ran with them, close to 90% of delivered users completed the tutorial of our games — an impressively high engagement metric that speaks to the strength of their technology at navigating the sometimes-difficult waters of RTB platforms. We’re excited to continue scaling our campaigns with Apsalar in an optimized, cost-efficient way,” said Adam Merber, Growth and User Acquisition Manager, TinyCo.

The Apsalar platform helps mobile marketers and agencies:

  • Increase Mobile Advertising ROI with Apsalar’s Demand-Side Platform:
    • Centralized and Transparent Media Buying
    • Dynamic Spend Optimization
    • Audience Targeting and Retargeting with 1st Party Data
    • Premium Service and Dedicated Account Management
  • Measure ROI with Attribution Analytics

“Acquiring High-ROI, high quality users and navigating the fragmented mobile advertising ecosystem are both huge challenges for many app marketers and agencies in the mobile space,” said Michael Oiknine, CEO of Apsalar. “We’ve built our data-powered ad platform with the aim of solving these problems through intelligent use of 1st party data, cutting-edge technology, and best-in-class service. ”

Advertisers and agencies interested in Apsalar’s mobile DSP can connect with contact@apsalar.com for assistance.

About Apsalar

Apsalar’s mobile demand-side platform is powered by 1st party behavioral data and provides an advertising and analytics solution for direct marketers and agencies looking to acquire and optimize high-ROI mobile audiences at scale. Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, Apsalar is backed by leading venture investors, Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, and DN Capital. Apsalar has won numerous awards, including eWeek’s Top Ten Promising Mobile IT Startups in 2011. For more information, visit www.apsalar.com

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