Introducing Automated Revenue Reporting for iOS


Apsalar, provider of the most advanced Mobile Engagement Management solutions for app developers and marketers, announces Automated Revenue Reporting for iOS—the only solution in the market today that is both free and automatically detects in-app purchase transactions generated by mobile app users within a customer’s app.

Currently, tracking in-app purchases is unfortunately manual, time-intensive, and limited. Also, the manual in-app revenue tracking process doesn’t address variables such as international sales and currency conversions. Since app developers frequently deploy their apps in global markets, it’s important to be able to convert and analyze in-app purchase revenue from other currencies into a single currency.

Now, by simply dropping in Apsalar’s SDK, developers and marketers can use Apsalar’s Automated Revenue Reporting to automatically detect in-app purchase transactions across their apps, manage currency conversion, view detailed product-level data, and attribute generated revenues to user segments and cohorts for further analysis and targeting.

“Measuring in-app revenue generated by users across the TextMe app is essential for tracking user lifetime value (LTV), improving purchase funnels, measuring ROI of acquisition campaigns, and optimizing ongoing acquisition and retargeting campaigns. We are excited that Apsalar is now able to provide an easy, automated way for us to gain these key business insights,” said Christophe Bach, Founder of TextMe.

Apsalar’s initial Automated Revenue Reporting feature automates detection of in-app purchase transactions for iOS—with Android coming soon—but will soon offer more detailed reporting and expand automated tracking functionality to other app revenue sources, including paid apps, advertising, and offerwalls.

Highlighted Benefits:

  • Track user lifetime value (LTV)
  • Improve purchase funnels
  • Measure ROI of acquisition campaigns
  • Optimize ongoing acquisition and retargeting campaigns
  • Save time on in-app revenue tracking set-up

Product Features:

  • Automated detection of in-app purchase transactions
  • Currency conversion management
  • Detailed product level data
  • Monetization analysis by cohorts
  • Trending and detailed revenue reports
  • Centralized reporting dashboard

About Apsalar

Apsalar provides Mobile Engagement Management solutions for mobile apps. Mobile app marketers can acquire, analyze, and remarket to engaged users through Apsalar’s behavioral advertising and free analytics solutions. Apsalar’s all-in-one solution helps marketers increase customer lifetime value with all of the following capabilities: campaign attribution analytics, in-app analytics, audience targeting, and retargeting.  Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, Apsalar is backed by leading venture investors, Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, and DN Capital. Apsalar has won numerous awards, including eWeek’s Top Ten Promising Mobile IT Startups in 2011.

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