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You Could Be Missing Out on 28% of Your Advertising Revenue

If you’re a major mobile app publisher or ad network who monetizes by selling in-app ad space to advertisers, you could be using an incomplete attribution system that’s causing you to lose out on a third of your revenue!

Many publishers and networks currently use an incomplete attribution system known as device fingerprinting (also known as digital fingerprinting or device recognition). Device fingerprinting anonymously matches a combination of attributes to a device to statistically predict that two events with a similar fingerprint are from the same device. Unfortunately, we’ve found device fingerprinting to be accurate only for a narrow window of 18 hours to 6 days.

Additionally, we’ve recently uncovered first-party user data that shows the following behaviors –

Of users who click on an ad:

  • 31% started the app for the first time in 30 minutes or less
  • 55% started the app for the first time within the first day
  • 72% started the app for the first time within a week
  • 90% started the app for the first time within 25 days
  • 95% started the app for the first time within 35 days
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This means that, using the fingerprinting method; publishers and networks are not receiving credit (and subsequent revenue payout) for the 28% of users who started the app for the first time later than 6 days after clicking on an ad in one of their apps.

What’s the solution to this problem?

The server-to-server integration method used by Apsalar is able to use a significantly longer attribution window.  In other words, using this method, major app publishers and ad networks can receive credit for conversions for up to the lifetime of the campaign after a user clicks on an ad (as opposed to just 6 days for the fingerprinting method).

Using Apsalar’s Campaign Source Insights API, major publishers and networks can avoid losing out on credit for 28% of the users who convert for advertisers.

The benefits of Apsalar’s solution are numerous-

  •  It enables the app publisher and the ad network to control access and campaign information
  •  The integration is seamless to the user
  •  It provides lifetime campaign attribution

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