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Apsalar’s Campaign Source Insights Now Supports Facebook Referral Insights and Universal Campaign Measurement

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Apsalar (apsalar.com), a provider of mobile engagement management solutions, is now enabling marketers to measure the performance of mobile campaigns for Facebook-integrated apps via its free Campaign Source Insights marketing ROI tool.

Apsalar’s Campaign Source Insights, announced earlier this summer, has now been enhanced with universal campaign insights, enabling measurement for any campaign on iOS with Android coming soon. With this functionality, marketers can now more accurately measure the performance of their traffic coming from any mobile advertising campaign, including Facebook Mobile Ads.  The solution is compliant with Facebook data and privacy policies.

Apsalar’s Campaign Source Insights attributes app installations to the proper acquisition source then measures users’ spend from each campaign through one, centralized reporting dashboard. Beyond that, Apsalar can provide aggregated reporting of engagement and revenue for the cohort of users who originated from a particular campaign source.  Apsalar’s Campaign Source Insights is the only solution in the market that is both free and that measures actual revenue from mobile users generated from each traffic source.

“Facebook provides a unique opportunity for mobile marketers to drive social app discovery and acquire more users, as well as promote ongoing app engagement through social activity.  Apsalar is delighted to have the opportunity to provide solutions that measure this value for marketers,” says Michael Oiknine, CEO of Apsalar.

In the new mobile app ecosystem, marketers have struggled to effectively monitor multiple acquisition sources and measure the relative performance and ROI of their campaigns. Apsalar’s Campaign Source Insights provides campaign attribution and compares relative performance and ROI under a single dashboard for any campaign on any platform. Marketers can then determine where to optimize their spend and improve their ROI.

Campaign Source Insights Features

  • Tag any campaign source with Apsalar’s redirect URL to effectively measure and optimize campaigns across all ad campaigns and acquisition partners, without the requirement of partner integration with Apsalar
  • One, centralized dashboard
  • Aggregated campaign reporting on impressions, clicks, downloads, and associated user spend

App marketers can now sign up for this free tool through Apsalar’s ApScience analytics program at: https://apsalar.com.

About Apsalar

Apsalar provides Mobile Engagement Management solutions for mobile apps. Mobile app marketers can acquire, analyze, and remarket to engaged users through audience targeting, behavioral retargeting, and best-in-class analytics in order to take control of the complete user lifecycle and increase customer LTV. Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, Apsalar is backed by leading venture investors, Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, and DN Capital. Apsalar has won numerous awards, including eWeek’s Top Ten Promising Mobile IT Startups in 2011.

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