What Types of Users Make the Most In-App Purchases? Study Highlights Key Predictors


We’ve recently uncovered first party analytics data which shows that not having paid apps and playing lots of games are the best predictors of in-app purchases.

More Paid Apps Less In-App Purchase

According to the data above, users who have more paid apps installed are less likely to make in-app purchases and spend less time in free ones. One potential theory is that consumers have a limited budget – therefore, paying for apps serves as a substitute for making in-app purchases (and vice versa). This data suggests that app developers and marketers may want to think twice before cross-promoting their free app in another paid game, since there’s a lower chance that the user will pay for virtual currency.

More Apps a User Has More In App Purchases


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the more apps a consumer has installed in general, the more likely it is that he/she will spend money inside one. This could potentially be due to the fact that if a user is invested in spending a lot of time finding and downloading apps, he/she may be more likely spend more time using the apps than the average user. Over half of users who have installed over 6 apps will go on to spend money on at least one in-app purchases. On the flip side, only 6% of users who have only one app have made an in-app purchase.

Along the same lines, the more game apps a user has installed, the more likely they also are to make an in-app purchase, as shown in the graph below.

More Game Apps More In App Purchases

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