iOS vs. Android: And The Winner Is…


iOS vs. Android Infographic

iOS vs. Android Infographic

The 2012 election is right around the corner and the only thing more discussed than politics (at least in Silicon Valley) may be iOS vs. Android. So, we started wondering, which operating system would win the smartphone wars, if they were decided like an election! Like we always do when we have a question, we dug into our wealth of data* and looked to see who would win a completely imaginary election between the iOS and Android operating systems.

–      Our data shows the states with the highest percentage of iPhones are Vermont and Hawaii while Virginia and Iowa have the highest percentage of Android phones.

–      Based on the New York Times’ electoral map iOS majority states tend to support Obama, while Android majority tend to lean Romney. (With notable exceptions on both sides.)

–      The eight toss-up states this election, according to the Times, are also evenly split between iOS and Android with Nevada, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida in the Android camp, while Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, and New Hampshire side with iOS.

–      From our data, we also saw a few states that were almost “Too Close to Call.” Pennsylvannia, Ohio, Michigan, NY & California in particular could’ve swung this election either way.

While this data may not give us much insight into the voting habits of smartphone users, with digital media and technology becoming increasingly ingrained in our lives, you can bet smartphones will be a big part of how the election is ultimately decided…Looks like for now it’s #Apple2012!


*This data was based on 100 million unique smartphones in the US, and normalized data to adjust for the natural skew in device numbers.

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