More Mobile Apps Lead to Engagement Deficit Disorder


As an app developer, you may be struggling to capture and retain user engagement and revenue. You are not alone.

Apsalar, the leading Mobile Engagement Management platform for app developers and marketers, has recently uncovered data which shows that for each additional app a user installs, the average number of sessions per app from that user decreases by an average of 18.8% when measured over just 10 apps. Moreover, the total number of sessions your app receives from that user decreases by 85.2%. When a user has 20 apps installed, the total decrease in average number of sessions per app grows to an alarming 94.2%.

Decrease in Average Session Length Per App as Users Install More Apps

According to 2012 data from Nielsen, the average smartphone user has 41 apps installed on his device, an increase from the previous year’s average of 32.

If your app is one of these 41 or more on a smartphone or tablet, it’s likely you’re struggling to capture a share of those sessions. In other words, a user’s time is finite, and the number of apps vying for your users’ attention is growing rapidly.

What app developers and marketers need to focus on today is engagement.

More engaged users lead to more revenue. While downloads may increase the overall pool of users, there’s no guarantee that these users will come back and complete meaningful engagement actions, such as responding to a push notification, leveling up in a game, or making a purchase. Apsalar has recently found that an app’s engagement index is the top predictor of in-app purchases. According to this data, 80% of the top 20% of an app’s most engaged users have made at least one in-app purchase. As a result, it’s important for app developers and marketers to measure and optimize for engagement within apps.

Learn how to take control of your user lifecycle –acquire users who will engage and spend money in your app, understand your users’ behaviors, and remarket to them to increase their engagement and spend.

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