Announcing Campaign Source Insights


Introducing Free Mobile Marketing ROI Tool

Campaign Source Insights measures overall ROI on acquisition and marketing campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO – June 19, 2012 – We are excited to announce Campaign Source Insights, a breakthrough tool in mobile app marketing and campaign optimization. With Campaign Source Insights, you’ll be able to evaluate user acquisition, offer and advertising campaigns by the revenue generated from any and all acquisition sources.

This feature is the only solution in the market that is both free and tracks actual revenue generated from users by acquisition source.

Currently, campaign sources that integrate with Apsalar via an API can be tracked, but a universal tracking mechanism will be available in the next release (**Note: Mobile campaign tracking mechanism available now!**).  Once available, this not only simplifies integration, as marketers will only need to tag each of their campaign sources with Apsalar’s redirect URL, but this powerful feature will also allow the marketer to track any campaign type (advertising, email, offers, and more).

The tool also attributes app installs to the proper acquisition source by reconciling conflicting conversions, and then linking user monetization to the correct campaign for ongoing measurement of user lifetime value.

By using Campaign Source Insights to quantify the performance and value of your campaigns, you’ll be able to understand the full ROI of your marketing spend, and intelligently optimize ongoing campaign performance…


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