MWC 2012: We Came. We Saw. We Conferenc’ed.


The mobile community was out in full force in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress last week – just ask the cabbies!  Hardware companies were showing off their shiniest new handhelds and app publishers were giving a glimpse of what our devices were going to be loaded with in 2012.  It was an epic week, filled with inspiring talks, lively networking, and way too many nights that ended after 4am.  I made it back to San Francisco in one piece…barely.

Despite the madness, we’re happy to report that the conference was a huge success for Apsalar.   We had the good fortune of engaging in some excellent meetings with some of the most influential app publishers, as well as some of the most important players in the mobile ecosystem.   You couldn’t move between conference halls without running into the influencers helping shape how we interact with our devices.  There was clearly an excitement for what 2012 is going to bring to the world of mobile.

Our CEO Michael Oiknine also had the opportunity to sit on a few panels and offer his views on where the market was headed and how mobile engagement management fits into an app publisher’s overall strategy.  On the panel “Tools for Making Bad-Ass Apps” he talked about how engagement analysis can transform your understanding of user behavior and how this can help drive better monetization from your users (video link).

Here he is again, holding court at one of the fantastic Exicon events, explaining why you need to be concerned about the lifetime value and engagement of your mobile users, not just a download.

Mobile World Congress Apsalar

In the end, the city of Barcelona was an incredible host.  The people are welcoming, the food is to die for, and the city truly is abuzz 24/7.  Barcelona definitely gives NYC a run for its money for the “city that never sleeps.”  Scheduling a working dinner at midnight was the norm, not the exception.  It was a busy, tiring and non-stop week, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re already resting up for next year….

Tune in next week as we get some of Michael’s thoughts on the key themes from the conference.

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