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Tapjoy Launches Pay-Per-Action™ Distribution Model for Android, iOS Applications;

Analytics Partnership with Apsalar

San Francisco, CA – February 9, 2011 – Tapjoy, Inc. (http://www.tapjoy.com), today announced the mobile industry’s first Pay-Per-Action™ app distribution service to significantly improve advertising effectiveness, engagement and reach for brand advertisers, mobile game developers and others looking to grow their mobile social app footprint.

The new service allows iOS and Android app developers to reward users for not only installing and downloading their app but also for completing some type of action within it, such as watching the tutorial, getting past a certain level or any other specific activity. Unlike other advertising methods, Tapjoy’s new Pay-Per-Action service delivers a higher return on investment by tracking actions further along the conversion funnel and guaranteeing a much higher level of engagement and value.

Tapjoy also announced that it has partnered with Apsalar (https://apsalar.com), the most comprehensive mobile behavioral analytics platform on the web. The Apsalar analytics platform defines and interprets conversion funnels in one app or across multiple apps and offers cohort-based segmentation to run life-cycle analysis of app users. Apsalar is the clear analytics choice for developers who want to optimize user monetization and retention. Tapjoy will make Apsalar’s analytics available natively within the Tapjoy dashboard.

“The Pay-Per-Install model has proven extremely successful in driving cost-effective user acquisition for mobile developers. The release of our Pay-Per-Action SDK, however, takes that model to the next level,” said Linda Tong, senior product manager at Tapjoy. “Now, instead of simply awarding virtual currency when a user installs your app, we allow you to incentivize users to get past Level 1, for instance, or do whatever it is you feel will truly engage them in your app and get them to keep using it.”

“Tapjoy is a highly trusted partner for our mobile advertising efforts,” said Steve Hartman, VP of Marketing at GameFly. “They have been very effective in driving installs of our GameCenter app, and with the launch of their new PPA model, we expect our ROI to get even better.  We expect to significantly increase conversions that will lead to acquiring GameFly users who are more loyal and engaged than ever.”

The new Pay-Per-Action SDK ties into Apsalar’s user-level analytics platform, which allows developers to track and analyze their conversion funnels and to manage user retention and monetization by grouping users into cohorts or groups of users who downloaded their apps within a specific week. By identifying the point at which most users tend to stick around and incentivizing users to reach that stage, advertisers and developers can optimize retention and conversions in order to deliver a better user experience, conduct more cost-effective user acquisition campaigns, and increase their app’s revenues and profitability.

“We already use Tapjoy for distribution, and have implemented Apsalar for advanced engagement and conversion analytics,” says Rizwan Virk, CEO of Gameview Studios, makers of popular iPhone games Tap Fish, Tap Ranch and Tap Town. “We think that having both of these companies working together will be great for developers like us.”

Developers or advertisers interested in utilizing the Pay-Per-Action SDK should email info@tapjoy.com.

About Apsalar
Apsalar is the most comprehensive mobile analytics platform for iOS and Android developers. The company’s user-level analytics enable mobile developers and publishers to increase conversion rates, optimize retention & monetization, as well as enhance user experience within their apps. Apsalar’s innovative cohort-based engagement analyses and conversion funnels are helping major mobile applications maximize their revenues. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California and was founded by a team of veterans in user-level analytics and conversion optimization. Investors include 500 Startups and Morado Ventures. For more information, visit www.apsalar.com

About Tapjoy, Inc.
Tapjoy is the leader in monetization, distribution and publishing services for social games, mobile applications, virtual worlds, MMOs and other social publishers. The company’s turnkey alternative payment platform enables developers to significantly increase their monetization rates when selling virtual goods or premium digital assets, while its cross-platform distribution services provide massive reach and cost-effective user acquisition on the leading social, mobile and gaming platforms. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Investors include Rho Ventures, Interwest Capital, North Bridge Venture Partners, and D. E. Shaw Ventures. For more information, visit www.tapjoy.com.

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