So tell me Apsalar, why mobile analytics?


ApFeedback and ApScience were the focal points of our launch at DEMO last week, and we’re getting ready to announce even more ApScience features next week at TechCrunch Disrupt. Before we do so, let’s get down and dirty with the basics of ApScience, our mobile analytics product.

What’s ApScience, and why are you all excited over it?

ApScience is…THE FUTURE (cue Twilight Zone intro). To be more specific, it’s the future of mobile conversion analytics. In preparing ApScience, we reached out to developers of all levels of ability, from devs whose apps have received millions of downloads, to those just beginning to teach themselves how to develop their idea into a marketable reality. These meetings are invaluable, and are one of Apsalar’s distinguishing features. We may not be the first in the mobile analytics space, but we’re going to come out with it—dare to say we’re not the best.*

So there’s Flurry; there’s Google Mobile SDK. What makes you guys think you’re so special?

  • Actionable metrics– Apsalar focuses on delivering actionable metrics, i.e. ones that provide insights by linking repeatable user behaviors to observed results, as opposed to vanity metrics like number of app sessions or number of downloads.
  • People-centric– Apsalar provides user-centric analysis (as opposed to session or event-centric) to gather the research you need to make better business decisions
  • Cross-application analytics– Unlike other platforms that can only handle one mobile application at a time, Apsalar lets you clearly define & interpret conversion funnels within one app and across multiple apps, so you can track users and conversions across all of your apps.

Since we’re here to tell it how it is straight-up, here’s the breakdown: other mobile analytics are all about the vanity metrics—numbers of downloads, users, etc.—that’s important, no doubt, but what are these stats really telling you? There’s no conversion funnel, no retention analysis, no engagement analysis, so if you want to know how your users are navigating your app…where do you go? You’re up a creek without a paddle. As far as Google, yeah, those metrics are more actionable, but they’re not people-centric. As a developer or publisher, you care about acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral (thank you Dave McClure, thank you, Ash Maurya and Andrew Chen). Retention and engagement are people-centric, so you want your analytics to be too.

OK, it’s Friday, get out and enjoy your weekend! We’ll see you at TC Disrupt, and we’ll be posting more on ApScience next week.

* No, seriously. Try out our SDK.

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