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Each day brings better and better news concerning the mobile ecosystem—our phones are smarter, faster, and more connected than ever. More than an accessory, our smartphones have become an integral part of the way we search and consume information. We use these devices to communicate through voice, video, chat, and email. It’s an exciting time to be a mobile app developer, or to invest in a strong mobile channel for your brand. But beyond just thinking up the next big app, it’s time to think critically about the user experience—that’s where Apsalar comes in. Bottom line: Mobile app developers and publishers need help understanding their users, and they must look towards the bigger picture.

We’ll detail our expertise and the separate components of our suite of marketing tools in subsequent posts, but let’s take a quick lay of the land first, or more specifically, what’s lacking in that landscape:

1. Developers and publishers need to better understand their users. Currently, there isn’t an easy and inexpensive way to quantify and analyze mobile user interaction data, which makes this task next to impossible. Without actionable insight, developers and publishers won’t know why unsatisfied users abandon an app, and never return.
2. Once developers learn what their users want, they need to cater to them in a way that links user engagement and recurring revenues. It’s important to single out the user behaviors that are ultimately profitable. Remember, repeat business is more profitable than acquiring new customers.
3. Online marketing practices have come a long way, but mobile apps are their own beast and should be treated as such. Best marketing practices such as A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, and personalization must be translated to the mobile environment. Once adapted, developers can reap the same sorts of benefits, establishing and gaining a clear ROI.

The equation to crack is what type of user engagement translates into recurring revenue, but most mobile developers and publishers get stuck in the acquisition mentality. Think of the old mantras: the customer is always right, keep the client satisfied…Translate these to app development by polling your audience, and listening to what they have to say. Always ask yourself these questions:

• Why are users downloading my app?
• What keeps them coming back?
• What makes them go away?
• What do I want my users to do the first time they use my app? The second time; the third time?
• What are the engagement metrics that are key to the success of my app?
• How can I monetize?

By asking the tough questions, and assessing the feedback, you’re well on your way to thinking about conversion which most developers aren’t yet doing.

Future blog entries will explore the topic from a variety of angles. We’ll feature posts defining marketing best practices, dissecting case studies of popular applications, and introducing guest posts by and for our core audience: mobile developers and publishers. Please comment on our posts, tweet about them, “like” them on Facebook, but most importantly, engage with them and us.

Until next time.

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