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The ABCS of Mobile App Fraud

Lots of people are asking questions about mobile fraud these days. And for good reason. After all, the threat to mobile-first and other mobile-enabled businesses is growing stronger every day. Further, ‘mobile app fraud’ is a complicated topic, encompassing a variety of fraud types that have different characteristics and different victims. Yet fraud is often discussed in sweeping, general terms. That can cause confusion and misunderstandings. This paper is designed to give the marketer:

~ High-level understanding of four of the major types of mobile fraud
~ The basics of how each type of fraud occurs
~ Basic and advanced strategies marketers are taking to protect their businesses

Some of these topics extend far beyond the focus of Apsalar’s mobile app attribution and data management business. But, in our view, all marketers need to understand the key areas of mobile fraud so that they can make informed decisions. Therefore, we have created this ”introductory” document to help educate and inform.

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